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Welcome to the Cannabis Research Institute! 

Also known as the CRI, we conduct research into multiple aspects of the cannabis industry. Some of the types of research that we conduct include:

1) Educational research: Have you tried CBD? If not, please click on the "CBD Trial" link to request a sample of CBD products. This program is designed to teach consumers how to effectively use CBD and other cannabinoids in the most effective manner.

2) Policy research: there are multiple levels of jurisdiction pertaining to the United States cannabis industry, starting with local city laws and ending with federal laws. The Cannabis Research Institute conducts policy research at multiple levels and often advises politicians on what types of policies to implement.

3) Industrial research: this type of research includes manufacturing research, extraction research, and cultivation research. 

4) Oncology and PTSD research: are you a veteran or a cancer patient? We are working to provide two seperate forums for you: one is a veteran support forum, and the other is an oncology research forum. 

5) Demographic research: we follow consumer trends across the nation and can provide insight into multiple sections of the cannabis industry in multiple jurisdictions.

We are a non-profit filed in the state of Hawaii. Our primary source of revenue is through our cannabis social media automation program for brand ambassadors and businesses.

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